Use a Lawyer to Prepare YOUR Construction Lien

Here is a reason why you should always consider using a lawyer in preparing your construction liens.  And, I am talking about a lawyer that is going to review your pertinent documentation in preparing your lien and spending the time to ask you the pertinent questions.

Recently, I was involved in a matter defending against a subcontractor’s lien. It was a high six-figure lien.  However, the lien on it face established that the subcontractor did not timely serve its notice to owner.   The lien on its face demonstrated that the subcontractor served its notice to owner outside of its 45-day window from initial furnishing.  This turned out problematic for the subcontractor.

Use a lawyer to assist you in preparing your construction liens.  Being unwilling to proactively devote the resources on the front-end to ensure your lien rights are maximized and best protected is silly.   You could wind up recording a lien that, on its face, reflects there are no lien rights.


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